Each Fire Department in the United States has as its greatest asset the Men and Women who faithfully serve on that Department. The Lowell Volunteer Fire Department is no different, and the people that are listed here you may recognize as your neighbor, a friend, co-worker, or even a relative. Each one of us are here to serve the people of our communities with respect and the utmost dedication to preserving life and property.

welcome to the inferno
group photo in front of engine
Photo of Robert Carr Robert Carr Lieutenant
Photo of Verna Carr Verna Carr Office Administrator
Photo of Josh Carter Josh Carter Firefighter/EMT
Photo of 6604 Jake Crulcich 6604 Jake Crulcich Captain
Photo of 6684 Jack Fleener 6684 Jack Fleener Firefighter
Photo of 6601 Christopher Gamblin 6601 Christopher Gamblin Fire Chief
Photo of 6698 Garrett Gesiakowski 6698 Garrett Gesiakowski EMR / Firefighter
Photo of Mike Ham Mike Ham Lieutenant
Photo of 6681 Matt Hitzelburger 6681 Matt Hitzelburger Lieutenant
Photo of 6608 Kevin Johnson 6608 Kevin Johnson Lieutenant
Photo of Jacob Kinney Jacob Kinney Firefighter
Photo of Todd Konradi Todd Konradi Firefighter/Paramedic
Photo of 6797 Jimmy Krizan 6797 Jimmy Krizan Firefighter
Photo of 6605 Kyle Lasecki 6605 Kyle Lasecki Captain
Photo of Nathan Long Nathan Long Firefighter/Paramedic
Photo of George Malamatos George Malamatos Lieutenant
Photo of Irene Malamatos Irene Malamatos Firefighter/Paramedic
Photo of 6685 Craig McManigal 6685 Craig McManigal Lieutenant
Photo of Tiffini Mikulich Tiffini Mikulich Firefighter/EMT
Photo of Jenna Nelson Jenna Nelson Firefighter/EMT
Photo of Robert Pappas Robert Pappas Firefighter
Photo of 6603 Brandon Reed 6603 Brandon Reed Captain
Photo of John Sarver John Sarver Firefighter/Paramedic
Photo of Dominic Schmidt Dominic Schmidt Fire Inspector
Photo of Derrick Schmidt Derrick Schmidt Firefighter
Photo of 6689 Erik Schmitt 6689 Erik Schmitt Paramedic / Firefighter
Photo of 6607 Austin Schreiber 6607 Austin Schreiber Captain
Photo of 6785 Jacqlyn Seberger 6785 Jacqlyn Seberger Paramedic / Firefighter
Photo of Ryan Straub Ryan Straub Firefighter/Paramedic
Photo of 6696 Matt Van Drunen 6696 Matt Van Drunen Fire Inspector
Photo of 6699 Brandon Watson 6699 Brandon Watson EMT / Firefighter
Photo of Chirstopher Watt Chirstopher Watt Engineer
Photo of Mike Wieczorek Mike Wieczorek Firefighter/EMT
Photo of 6602 Cory Wietbrock 6602 Cory Wietbrock Deputy Chief